Clear-Com Encore IF4W4 4-Channel 4-Wire to Partyline Interface

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The Clear-Com Encore IF4W4 4-channel four-wire interface is a modular interface that enables up to 4 four-wire communication systems (such as cameras, TELCO lines and 2-way radio) to interface with the Clear-Com intercom system. It matches standard transmit/receive lines (at normal levels) to Clear-Com line level.

The IF4W4 is powered by the Clear-Com line using standard two-conductor shielded mic cable. The cable is run from the output connector of a Clear-Com main or remote station to the rear panel of the IF4W4. One wire carries power, the other wire carries the intercom signal, and the shield acts as common ground.

For each channel the IF4W4 front panel contains ‘Out’ (transmit), ‘In’ (receive), ‘Null’ level controls and level indicators. For all channels a test jack and a four-pin headset XLR connector that connects to built-in test oscillators is provided to set and monitor the circuit nulling of each channel. Press the Null Test pushbutton for the channel you need to adjust.

The ‘Link’ switches enable you to assign each of the four-wire systems to separate intercom channels, or put two, three, or all four systems on one party line.

The IF4W4 rear panel provides four three-pin XLR connectors for interfacing up to four different Clear-Com lines, as well as four terminal block connections for four-wire input and output. The interface mounts in a standard 19 in. (48.64cm) equipment rack and is 1.75 in. (4.48 cm) in height.


  • 4-Channel 4-Wire to Partyline Interface
  • Interfaces TV cameras, 2-way radios, fiber circuits and other 4-wire devices to Clear-Com partyline
  • Individual Transmit Receive and Null controls
  • Transmit output switchable between mic and line level
  • Built-in test jack and oscillator for quick nulling
  • Selective partyline capability
  • Accepts balanced or unbalanced 4-wire input
  • Transformer isolated
  • Terminal block and XLR connectors for each interface
  • Powered by the intercom line
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