Riedel Bolero Active Antenna BL-ANT-1010-19-EU G2

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Riedel Bolero Wireless Comms

It is a digital, easy to use full-duplex communications solution for broadcast, security, industrial and theater applications as well as for sports and cultural events. It is an all-new wireless intercom system capable of supporting 10 Beltpacks per antenna and up to 100 antennas in a single deployment. Bolero redefines the wireless intercom category with features such as ADR (Advanced DECT Receiver) with multiple-diversity and RF anti-reflection technology for greater RF robustness.

Bolero utilizes the benefits of the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard’s base layer. This provides a license-free, cellular architecture with seamless hand-over between cells, allowing each Bolero Wireless Beltpack to continuously monitor and automatically select the best connection to the Antenna.

Bolero is fully integrated in Riedel’s Artist Matrix. Features like “Touch&Go” Beltpack registration, versatile operation as a wireless Beltpack, a wireless keypanel, and – in an industry first – a walkie-talkie pushing it beyond the limits of existing wireless intercom solutions.

Riedel Bolero Antenna

Bolero active Antennas runs over a standards-based AES67 IP network. Up to 100 antennas and 100 Beltpacks are able to connect to a system. The intelligent and high efficient use of bandwidth results in 10 Beltpacks per Antenna. The decentralized Antennas allowing the use of existing standard structured cabling and providing a wide area between the Antennas connected to AES67 switches and the Artist frames equipped with AES67 client cards. This is providing a fully integrated point-to-point roaming intercom ecosystem. The more decentralized Antennas added, the more robust the network becomes. The Antenna can be powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+), simplifying installations by eliminating local power supplies or alternatively via a separate DC supply.

All of our Bolero active Antennas include the Standalone Application license

Bolero’s Standalone Application is license-based and comes with several plug-and-play features. First, antennas can be used individually, in a ring structure, or daisy-chained as the situation demands. Also, up to 100 antennas and 100 beltpacks can be integrated into a single system. These antennas can be placed up to 300 meters apart and up to five can be powered via the CAT5 network using a new external PSU. The system is quickly and easily configured over the IP connection using a web browser. Finally, a throw-down box can be used to interface the standalone Bolero with other intercom systems via 4-wire.

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