CLS 300mm Straight Tri-Truss

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CLS Tri-Truss products are a staple of the production industry in australia. Made using the highest-grade structural aluminium, they’re the first choice for lighting & rigging applications anywhere from local 100-seat auditoriums to cavernous venues including the exhibition-centre. Be it for drape support or stunt rigging, CLS Tri-Truss will get you over the line.


  • Black anodized aluminum telescoping masts fade out on the stage
  • Lifts 500 lbs. (225 kg) 16′ (4.9 m)
  • Lifts 800 lbs. (360 kg) 20’ (6.4m)
  • Lifts 650 lbs. (300 kg) 25’ (7.7m)
  • Sumner-built winch specifically designed for the application
  • Compact – folds up for storage and transport
  • Low mast heights fit through most doorways and truck tailgates
  • Winch cable away from operator
  • Forks reverse for added height
  • Safety stripe markings on legs
  • Large, rubber padded leveling jacks
  • Robust quick-action plungers
  • Lifting bar for hoisting the Eventer
Data Sheet
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TR23 3m
TR91 2.5m
TR54 2.25m
TR82 2m
TR24 1.5m
TR83 1m
TR134 0.5m
TR200 0.375m


Span (metres)
Maximum Point Load (kg) Maximum Uniformly Distributed Load (kg/m)
3 390 430
6 295 100
9 185 40
12 41 13


  • Ratings valid only indoors.
  • Ratings do not apply in wind.
  • Ratings valid only for tri-truss made since 20-02-1991 (design change).
  • Above ratings in addition to net weight of span (based on 3m sections).
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