Samsung QM85 85″ UHD 4K LED Screen

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The Samsung 85 Inch QM85 SMART Signage TV display delivers four times the Full HD resolution on the same screen area, resulting in the most accurate recreation of details possible. Even small text is super-crisp without blurring due to its high pixel density.

Samsung’s upscaling technology adjusts lower resolution content to optimally display on the UHD resolution QMD Series TV screens. Plus, the QMD Series supports DisplayPort® (DP) 1.2 connectivity, which is capable of streaming UHD video at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This higher refresh rate ensures seamless video playback without choppiness, which is often observed on conventional displays with a lower 30 Hz refresh rate, for a true UHD viewing experience. The QMD Series also provides more vivid images thanks to its high-gloss screens and Samsung’s advanced display technology.

Available in Matte or Gloss!

Data Sheet click here
Panel Size 85″
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160 UHD
Screen Type Slim Direct-LED Backlight
Inputs RGB: VGA (D-Sub 15 pin), DVI-D, Display Port 1.2 (2x), Display Port 1.1, VIDEO: HDMI 1.4 (3x), AUDIO: Stereo mini Jack
Hanging Methods  Big City Bracket/Remote/Bolts/IEC Included – Optional accessories available including – free standing floor stands, table stands, wall mounts and truss mounts
Inbuilt Speakers Yes
Weight (unit) 55.5kg
Dimensions WxH (panel)
Dimensions WxHxD (unit) 1903.4 X 1090.5 X 105.1
Weight (road case)(Capacity 1) 171kg (complete weight 1 ), 228kg Complete Weight 2) (Empty 112.5kg)
Dimensions WxHxD (road case)(Capacity 2) 2050 x 500 x 1355 mm