Samsung QM98F 98″ UHD 4K LED Screen

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Our biggest TV, the Samsung QM98F SMART Signage Rental screen features a huge 98 inches of display, UHD 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, multi-format PIP support, DP 1.2 support, portrait or landscape orientation and reliable 24/7 operation for amazing flexibility in commercial settings. The UHD displays delivers four times the FHD resolution on the same screen area, resulting in the most accurate recreation of details possible. Text that displays on QMF Series in UHD is super-crisp due to its high pixel density. The super-crisp image with high pixel density that is perfect for displaying even the smallest details of photos and videos in a hyper-realistic and immersive visual experience.

Non-glare panels come as standard to ensure outstanding performance in bright conditions. Boasting a narrow bezel configuration, the standalone displays offer a compact solution to environments limited by space or lighting. The Samsung QM98F is specially configured to suit any business application. For example, retail stores can leverage Samsung QM98F Displays with UHD to improve their brand image and showcase products in sharp detail. It can also be used for detailed Powerpoint presentations for boardroom conferences or highly lit areas where projectors are not adequate.

The QM98F Screen offers pivot mode that allows it to be installed in either landscape or portrait orientation to suit the environment’s needs.

Motorised Floor Stand takes Rental Screens to new heights
The Samsung QM98F is supplied with a compact motorised electric floor stand. The floor stand requires no tools for fast assembly and divides into several parts that are stored in the roadcase for transport. With the touch of a button, the large display is easily raised out the roadcase and into presentation position.

Universal Mounting Options
The TV mounting bracket features several rigging and mounting options. The bracket is primarily used with the motorised floor stand or alternatively can be truss mounted to 400mm Box Truss, 300mm Tri Truss or flown with steel wires in either Landscape or Portrait mode.


  • Ultimate display quality with non-glare panel in bright conditions (ample light or sunlight)
  • Various PIP and split-screen scenarios possible, far beyond just four equally separated rectangles
  • Narrow Bezel (15.2mm)
  • Easily installed in portrait mode
  • Motorised self lifting floor stand. Quickly and effortlessly lifts the screen out of the roadcase
  • Many mounting and stand options
Data Sheet click here
Panel Size 85″
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160 UHD 4k
Screen Type 60Hz E-LED BLU
Inputs 1x DVI-I (D-Sub Common), 2x Display Port 1.2 (support UHD 60hz), 4x HDMI 1.4, HDCP1.4 (Support UHD 30hz), Audio Inputs – Stereo mini Jack/RGB/DVI/HDMI
Hanging Methods Custom motorised stand and truss mounts mount options
Inbuilt Speakers Yes
Weight (unit) 80Kg (w/o stand bracket) 90Kg (w/ stand bracket)
Dimensions WxH (panel)
Dimensions WxHxD (unit) 2194.2 x 1249.8 x 71.3 (w/o handle) 2194.2 x 1249.8 x 76.5 (w/ handle)
Weight (road case)(Capacity 1) 162kg Empty – 322kg Full with stand
Dimensions WxHxD (road case)(Capacity 1) 2200 x 600  x 1580