Brompton Tessera M2 LED Video Processor

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The Brompton Technology Tessera M2 LED Video Processor is the flagship product in the Tessera range. The M2 features powerful front-end processing with broadcast quality scaling and motion adaptive de-interlacing that eliminates the need to use an external scaler.

Used in conjuntion with our Unilumin UPADIII 2.6mm LED Screen and ROE Visual LED Strip, the Tessera M2 processor enables confident delivery of large and complex layouts, or events demanding superior video performance.

The M2 processor has one DVI-I input, and two 3G-SDI inputs. It supports input resolutions of up to 1080p60. Each input can be fully configured with contrast, brightness, gamma, hue, saturation and RGB gain. Inputs can be scaled up or down to suit the LED panel configuration, with clean switching and fading.

The system is configured using the intuitive and powerful Tessera Management Software. This gives you the option of using a remote PC (Windows or Mac) or working locally by plugging a mouse, keyboard and monitor directly into the processor. Real-time previews assist with system set-up and confirm source status. Live control of multiple Tessera processors can be can be achieved using the Tessera Control application, also available for Windows PC or Mac.

All the processors in the Tessera family communicate with LED panels fitted with Tessera receiver cards. This allows them to communicate bi-directionally with the panel over Gigabit Ethernet. The use of standard Ethernet allows offthe-shelf Gigabit Ethernet networking equipment and cabling to be used. Tessera receiver cards can be retro-fitted to either existing panels or seemlessly integrated into new designs.

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