Szikla Minute Man 99 Confrerence Timer

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The Minute Man 99 minute Conference Timer is ideal for Conferences, Lectures or Debating.

It’s easy to use and features a Remote Display which can be positioned up to 200 metres/660 feet from the Master Unit, receiving both power and signal via standard microphone cable.

Remote Displays have a large 20mm/0.8 inch digit display which can be read at a distance and are ideal for placement on Lecterns, Foldback Monitors or Technical Operator Control Desk. Multiple Remote Displays may be employed and the standard Plugpack PSU will support up to 4 units.

Operation is simple and has been designed so that non technical people can gain a quick understanding of the functions.

Just like a CD player, the Up/Down buttons set the Start Time, Go/Pause is self explanatory, and pressing the Stop Button takes you back to the automatically memorized Start Time at any point during or after the Countdown.


  • large digit remote displays
  • 2 minute warning LED
  • flashing time’s up LED
  • counts down in seconds under 1 minute
  • master unit drives up to 4 remote displays
  • quartz crystal accuracy
  • all connections via standard mic cable
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