Panasonic ET-D75LE90 Projector Lens (0.36:1)

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Unique Technology, Only from Panasonic, Enhances Professional Projection Creativity

By mounting the newly developed ET-D75LE90 ultra short throw lens onto Panasonic’s 3-chip DLP™ projector,* you can shorten the projection distance by approximately 60% compared with Panasonics ET-D75LE50 short throw lens. This huge savings in space lets you effectively use the high brightness and superb picture quality of the 3-chip DLP™ projector in places that were not previously possible.

For example, by mounting the ET-D75LE90 lens onto Panasonic’s bright, 20,000-lm-class PT-DZ21K projector, you can project a large, 200-inch diagonal image from a distance of only
about 1.6 m. Screen sizes of up to 600 inches diagonal are supported.

By simply mounting the ET-D75LE90 lens, a remarkably wide variety of spatial applications become possible with easy, short-throw projection

Data Sheet
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Lens Type
3-Chip CLP Lens
Throw Ratio
WUXGA/Full HD: Approx. 0.36:1
SXGA+: Approx. 0.39:1
WXGA: Approx. 0.40:1
Lens Shift
Varies with projector model, see manufacturer data sheet
Dimensions WxHxD (unit) 463.5 mm × ø154 mm
Dimensions WxHxD (road case) 631 x 500 x 302 mm
Weight (unit) 6.5kgs
Weight (unit + road case) 17kgs
Compatible Projectors PT-RQ35K/RZ34K
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