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Metabox Alpha-SR 15.6 Inch Show Laptop

Big On Power.

Despite its wonderfully compact form, the all-new Alpha-SR fuses some of the most state-of-the-art technologies in mobile computing today. At its processing core, Intel’s incredible 13th Generation i9-13900HX 24-Core CPU delivers a level of computational power that belies Alpha-SR’s incredibly lightweight form. Delivering up to a phenomenal 32-Threads of concurrently running processing units, the Alpha-SR’s multi-core computational capability is unbelievably near to being on par with its desktop counterparts. And bolstered by several of NVIDIA’s high-end graphics engines from the most recent esteemed 40 RTX series range, the Alpha-SR delivers 3D performance to enthusiasts and professionals alike with pure efficiency and speed. So whether you’re busy finishing the calculations to your predictive model to present at your next board meeting or staying late in the office performing algorithmic back-testing for your next trade, the Alpha-SR has the power and performance to get you there fast.

Vibrant All-Screen & Compact Design.

Incredibly vibrant, colour rich and super fast, the Alpha-SR’s wonderfully vivid displays go up to a colour-accurate 100% DCI P3, with ultra-high 4K resolutions and 165HZ displays available. These incredible display options are meticulously integrated into a beautifully designed ultra-compact notebook profile, made possible through an impressive 86% screen-to-body ratio. This new-age approach to mobility means the Alpha-SR measures a mere 23.8 cm in depth for its 15.6″ variant and a stunningly low 26.2 cm in depth for the 17.3″ variant. With such striking display technology and wonderfully compact dimensions, the Alpha-SR takes mobility, performance and visual immersion to extraordinary new levels.

Dedicated dGPU Mode. MUXed Technology.
The Alpha-SR uniquely integrates a hardware-level graphics switch, referred to in the industry as a MUX switch, which, when activated, enables the Alpha-SR to dedicate (dGPU Technology) all graphics commands through the NVIDIA graphics engine rather than routing graphics commands through the built-in Intel graphics engine before reaching the display output. In short, this means that the Alpha-SR has a direct link from the NVIDIA graphics engine to the display, reducing transmission latency and resulting in an incredible increase in graphical rendering performance, with up to a 15% increase in FPS (Frames Per Second) when compared against the traditional non-dedicated graphics system (Hybrid Graphics Technology).
Cooling, Perfected.
The Alpha-SR’s incredible cooling technology is interconnected through a precisely engineered pathway of wide, high-density copper heat pipes that carry a remarkable capacity for thermal dissipation. Super hi-speed, ultra high-powered 12V, Liquid-Crystal Polymer (LCP) fans with an incredibly high 79-Blades flank on each side of the heatsink, significantly reducing thermal retention due to their incredible rotational speeds and the ultra-high fan blade’s ability to generate immense air capacity. With up to 6 independent and ultra-wide cooling pipes on each side (CPU side & GPU side), the Alpha-SR maintains exceptional temperatures over extended periods of extreme computing tasks. So whether you’re working late into the evening processing complex computational algorithms or busy breaking a sweat during a long gaming session taking down your opponents in Call of Duty, the Alpha-SR delivers extraordinary thermal stability every time.
Cutting Edge Hi-Resolution Camera.
From professional web conferences to time-critical live streaming, the Alpha-SR seamlessly integrates a high-resolution 2.0MP FHD Camera, which renders a crisp, sharp & wonderfully detailed video feed that also features a wider Field of View at 93 Degrees. The cutting-edge FHD camera leverages TNR (Temporal Noise Reduction) technology, which intelligently analyses image details between frames on-the-fly to reduce and remove noise efficiently. The result is an even cleaner and more precise picture, especially in low-light conditions, enhancing video feedback substantially.
Vibrant Keyboard, Big Touchpad.
The Alpha-SR’s precisely balanced keyboard delivers a typing experience that’s incredibly tactile and comfortable. Both spacious and perfectly weighted, the Alpha-SR’s set of keys is brought to life by a dynamic illuminated edge-lit lighting system that allows you to tailor a colour and look that’s just right for you and your environment. Integrated just beneath the keyboard, the Alpha-SR features a smooth yet expansive and wide touchpad, enabling you to tap, swipe, scroll and do much more with Windows 11’s newest gestures, boosting your productivity with incredible efficiency and control.
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Model Metabox Alpha-SR 15.6″ FHD
Processor i9 5.4Ghz
Storage 1TB SSD
Memory 32GB RAM
Graphics NVIDIA 6GB RTX 4050 GFX
Video Support
Charging and Expansion Robust 73Wh Battery

Thunderbolt 4.0 & PCIe 4.0

Keyboard and Trackpad Vibrant Edge-Lit Keys
Size and Weight
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