Global Truss F44P 400mm Box Truss

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Global Truss represents the highest quality and reliability. The Global Truss F44P is a 4-point truss system. This provides optimum volume and carrying capacity for its construction size and a tube diameter of only 50mm. This system is connected via a special conical connector system, which is joined together to a complete form fit by means of a copper hammer, creating optimal traction. The Global Truss F44 finds application in trade fairs and shops, as well as in the event industry in general. It is also characterised by a minimum transport volume and the special lightweight design. The conical connectors are of course included in the scope of delivery – special designs and powder coatings can be carried out at short notice. Global Truss has the largest truss storage worldwide and is permanently able to deliver all systems. Furthermore, Global Truss is the only truss manufacturer with its own coupler and hook range tested by “TÜV” and “DIN”.

Data Sheet
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Pipe diameter main pipe: 50mm
Wall thickness: 2mm
Material: AlMgSi F31 / T6082
Pipe diameter brace: 20mm x 2mm
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