Leon Audio MS12 MKII 12 ch Media Splitter

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An audio distribution amplifier primarily designed to feed multiple ENG cameras from a single microphone at media events. Typical use is to feed the Media Splitter with a line level signal from an AUX output on the local PA system.
Available in 12 channels only.


  • Each output has its own IC buffer amplifier to provide a high degree of isolation between outputs.
  • The input and all outputs are transformer balanced using a total of 13 audio transformers.
  • Individual level controls on each output are adjustable continuously from mic through to line level.
  • Individual earth lift switches on each output.
  • Genuine Neutrik XLRs throughout.
  • A LED ladder level meter with selectable peak hold provides a visual indication of signal.
  • 1kHz +4dB alignment oscillator (rear panel).
  • Headphone socket and internal monitor speaker (rear panel).
  • Only the output level controls and earth lift switches are on the front panel. All other controls are on the rear panel away from unauthorized fingers.
Data Sheet
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Input Level Line level. +24dBu Maximum.
Rear panel gain control is adjustable from -15dB to +15dB
Input Impedance 20K ohms balanced or unbalanced.
Transformer isolated. Floating input.
Outputs Transformer balanced with individual earth lift switches.
Output Level Continuously variable from mic (-45dBu) to line level (+4dBu).
Output Impedance Less than 300 ohms.
Headphone Output Suitable for 8 to 600 ohm headphones.
120 ohm source impedance as per IEC 61938.
Typically 2 volts out with +10dBu input.
Connectors Output: (Front panel) Twelve 3 pin Neutrik XLR male.
Input: (Rear panel) Two 3 pin Neutrik XLRs.
Male in parallel with a  female for convenient looping.
Frequency Response 35Hz  to 24kHz  +/- 1dB
Test conditions:
Input +10dBu, Rear panel gain = 0dB, Front panel level = fully CW
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise Typically less than 0.03% above 100Hz, rising to 0.1% at 30Hz.
Test conditions:
Input +10dBu, Rear panel gain = 0dB, Front panel level = fully CW
Power 110/230/240V 50/60Hz mains power. Specify at time of ordering.
30 watts maximum.
Dimensions 2 unit high 19” rack mount all metal chassis.
Depth: 270mm with no XLR connectors plugged in.
Weight 5.3 kg (11.7 pounds)
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