Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixing Console

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Core features and performance inherited directly from the Yamaha CL series, including natural sound supported by sonically superb internal processing capabilities, operation that easily adapts to the demands of just about any working environment, and built-in Dante networking that facilitates flexible system configuration, have now been condensed and concentrated into the compact Yamaha QL series digital mixing consoles. QL series consoles offer all-in-one mixing, processing, and routing capability for small to medium scale live sound, corporate speech events, installations, and much more.

Revolutionary Dan Dugan Automatic Mixer Built In

Thanks to in-depth collaboration with Dan Dugan Sound Design, renowned Dan Dugan automatic microphone mixing with its advanced algorithms is built into the QL series consoles. Setup is easy: just insert the processor into up to 16 channels for automatically optimized microphone gain distribution. Gain control is smooth and natural, as though experienced human operators were doing the mix. The system also effectively reduces feedback and comb filter issues. For speech applications, especially non-scripted situations, this allows the operator to concentrate on details other than fader operation for consistently high-quality mixes.

Expandable All-in-One Support for Any Application

In addition to ample analog input and output capacity, QL series consoles feature the same Dante audio networking protocol that provides broad connectivity in the CL consoles. There’s also an innovative “Port to Port” feature that can patch any input port to any output port so the QL console can function as a remote I/O device for any other QL or CL series console, for example. Other flexibility enhancing features such as 2-track and multitrack recording capability, and dual MY expansion slots that allow processing capability or I/O to be added as required, make the QL consoles suitable for use as central components in an extensive variety of sound applications.

Data Sheet Click here
Input Mixing Capacity 32 mono + 8 stereo
Mix Buses 16
Matrices 8 (Input to Matrix supported)
Stereo Bus 1
Mono Bus 1
Cue 1
Analog Inputs 16
Analog Outputs 8
MY Slots 2
Dante I/O Primary / Secondary
Digital Out 1 (AES/EBU)
GPI 5 in / 5 out
Word Clock I/O Yes
MIDI I/O In / Out
Meter Bridge No
Ethernet Yes
AC Inlet V-Lock Type
Scene Memory
Number of Scenes 300
Recall Safe Yes
Focus Recall Yes
Fade Time Yes (0s ~ 60s)
Preview Yes
Selective Load / Save Yes
Tactile Control Keys Yes
Input Channel Functions
Gain Compensation Yes
Digital Gain Yes (-96dB ~ +24dB)
ATT -96dB ~ 0dB
HPF 20Hz ~ 600Hz, -6 or -12dB/oct Selectable
PEQ 4 Band Full PEQ
Dynamics 1 Gate / Ducking / Compressor / Expander
Dynamics 2 Compressor / Compander-H / Compander-S / De-esser
Input Delay Yes (0ms ~ 1000ms
Pan CENTER NOMINAL or LR NOMINAL for monaural input channels in CL V3.1 or later L-MONO, R-MONO or LR-MONO for stereo input channels in QL V3.1 or later
DCA Group 16
MUTE Group 8
Number of Inserts 2
Direct Out Yes
Output Channel Functions
PEQ 4 Band Full PEQ
Dynamics 1 Compressor / Expander / Compander-H / Compander-S
MUTE Group 8
Number of Inserts 2
Premium Rack
Number of Premium Racks 8
Mountable Device RND Portico5033 / RND Portico5043 / U76 / Opt-2A / EQ-1A / Dynamic EQ / Buss Comp 369
Effect Rack
Number of Effect Racks 8
Number of Effect Programs 54
Mountable Device Effect / 31BandGEQ / Flex15GEQ / 8Band PEQ
GEQ Rack
Number of GEQ Racks 8
Mountable Device 31BandGEQ / Flex15GEQ / Dugan Automixer (QL V3.0 or later) / 8Band PEQ (QL V3.0 or later) (RTA overlay support in QL V3.0 or later, GEQ gain control from the TOUCH AND TURN knob in QL V4.0 or later)
Number of I/O Channels 64 in / 64 out
Dante Patch from Console Yes
USB Memory Recording Yes
DVS Recording Yes (DVS and Nuendo Live bundled)
Broadcast Functions
5.1 Surround Panning Yes (QL V3.0 or later)
Surround Monitor Yes (QL V3.0 or later)
Mix Minus Yes (QL V2.0 or later)
L-Mono / R-Mono / LR-Mono Yes (QL V3.0 or later)
Solo Mode Yes (QL V4.0 or later)
Second Cue Bus (allows the MATRIX 7/8 to be used as a CUE B bus) Yes (QL V4.0 or later)
Oscillator Sine Wave 1ch / Sine Wave 2ch (QL V3.0 or later) / Pink Noise / Burst Noise
Other Functions
RTA Yes (QL V3.0 or later)
Output Port Delay Yes (0ms ~ 1000ms, frame delay support in QL V3.0)
Cascade Yes (via MY slots)
User Level Yes
Help File Yes (QL V1.51 or later)
Channel Link Yes (Output Channel Link support in QL V3.0 or later)
Channel Copy/Move Yes
Control & Monitoring for Digital Wireless Receivers Shure ULXD4D/ULXD4Q (QL V4.0 or later)
User Interface
Display 10 inch Touch Panel
Centralogic Section Yes
Faders 16 + 8 + 8 + 2
Selected Channel Encoders Gain, HPF, PEQ (controls for 4 bands), Dynamics 1/2(Threshold only), Pan, Mix/Matrix Sends
Channel Encoder Yes (for Gain, Send Level, or an assigned parameter)
Channel Name / Color Display Yes
Custom Fader Banks Yes (customized for each fader section)
User Defined Keys 12 (x 4 banks in CL V3.0 or later)
User Defined Knobs 4
Touch and Turn Knob Yes (using a User Defined Knob)
Monitor Level Knob Yes
Wooden Arm Rest No
iPad Stay Yes
Editor CL Editor (Win/Mac, CSV files import/export in CL Editor V4.0.0 or later)
StageMix CL StageMix (iPad app)
MonitorMix Yes (QL V4.00 or later)
Console File Converter Yes (Win/Mac)
General specifications
Sampling frequency rate Internal 44.1kHz / 48kHz
Sampling frequency rate External 44.1kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% (±200ppm), 48kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% (±200ppm)
Signal delay Less than 2.5ms, OMNI IN to OMNI OUT, Fs=48kHz
Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.05% 20Hz-20kHz@+4dBu into 600Ω, OMNI IN to OMNI OUT, Input Gain = Min.
Frequency response +0.5, -1.5dB 20Hz-20kHz, refer to +4dBu output @1kHz, OMNI IN to OMNI OUT
Dynamic range 112dB typ.: DA Converter / 108dB typ.: OMNI IN to OMNI OUT, Input Gain = Min.
Hum & noise level Equivalent input noise -128dBu typ., Equivalent Input Noise, Input Gain=Max.
Hum & noise level Residual output noise -88dBu, Residual output noise, ST master off
Crosstalk -100dB*1, adjacent OMNI IN/OMNI OUT channels, Input Gain = Min.
Power requirements 110-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 170W: Internal Power Supply / 200W: Simultaneous use of Internal PSU and External PW800W
Dimensions 468mm(18.4in )
x Height 272mm(10.7in)
x Depth 562mm(22.1in)
Net Weight 14.7kg(32.4lb)
Other Temperature Range: Operating temperature range: 0 – 40℃, Storage temperature range: -20 – 60℃
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