GIS Lift Champ Electric Chain Hoist D8 Plus

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Thanks to the special coating of the casings and the protection class IP65, the chain hoists are perfectly suitable for both mobile and outdoor use. They can be used as a stationary or climbing hoist without modification. When used as a climbing hoist, the chain guide plate ensures the correct running in and out of the chain.

The D8PLUS chain motor is equippeid with two independent brake systems which allow people to stand under the load without a secondary safety device.

Powerful and Long-Lasting

Simple and easy to use, reliable and safe in operation. The case is hardened and manganese phosphated pro steel chain provides about 15% more capacity at an identical nominal diameter compared to the round steel chain. The higher cross-sectional area reduces weare and increases lifetime of the chain. The maganese phosphating improves its corrosion resistance and dry running properties.


A feature of the hoist is the protection class IP65. It is dust proof and protected against water jets. The GIS LCH hoist is perfectly suitable for outside use, even under the most difficult conditions. On open-air events or concert tours, the rigger will appreciate the weather resistance and reliability of this electric chain hoist.

Data Sheet
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Load Capacity Single Fall 500Kg
Lifting Speed at 50Hz 4m/min
Number of poles on Motor 4
Chain 5mm
Chain Safety Factor 6.4
Chain Length 20m
Plug Type Wieland 6P
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