Jands E-100 Ezicom Talkback Beltpack

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The Jands Ezicom headset intercom substation is designed to meet communication needs in contemporary stage productions, particularly where high ambient noise levels may be experienced. A basic system would consist of one E-400 or E-200 master station connected to a number of remote E-100/E300 substations.


  • Up to 20 remote substations can be connected to one E-400 or E-200 master station
  • Up to 100 remote E-100 substations may be run in a system which uses multiple master stations to supply power
  • Connection between the master station and the substations is via standard two-core screened microphone cable
  • Audio levels remain constant when stations join or leave the line
  • Cable lengths of up to a kilometre may be used without any problems
  • Audio circuits are designed to give high intelligibility even in the presence of dimmer noise and strong RF fields
  • Single channel operation
  • Headset connector
  • Headset level control
  • Channel “Call” push switch with red LED
  • Microphone “On/Off” switch with green LED
  • Input and output link connectors
  • Belt clip
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